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Ms. Wang Wei is an associate professor in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Beijing. She has worked on macro-economic studies in CASS since 1989 after obtained her master of Economics. Her research fields and publications have mainly covered State-owned Enterprise Reform in China, FDI and Transnational Corporation Behavior as well as Their Influence to the Development of Chinese Economy, Corporate Governance Reform and Promoting the Ethic development of Private Sector. Her present research projects and interests are Corporate Governance Structure of Family Firm in China and Corporate Social Responsibility.


Résumé/ Summary/ Resumen


"Family Firm Governance and Its Social Responsibility ---- a case study in China for promoting the development of private sector".

As you may know, private sector has become one of the three main components in China's economy, however, with so many serious problems. This paper will discuss the corporate governance structure of family firms in China, which is quite cultural, political, societal, ethical ......., besides economics.

It will raise some question as :

Questions on the development

Who leads family firms in China to the wrong direction?

Government? Rapid economic growth? Malignant competition? Incomplete market?

And will search for an eventual Solution To enhance ethic economic thought and behavior To build a harmony economic atmosphere