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Molly Charles, ex- deputy director of National Addiction Research Centre and at present working as consultant for National Addiction Research Centre and CATS (Consultancy Advocacy and Training Services). Work undertaken in field of drug abuse management involves studies on drug policy, existing trends in drug use, drug trade, organised crime and patterns of drug use at the national level. Other areas of work involvement evaluation of development project and overseeing implementation of community based intervention.


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Social Arrangement with reference to Social Distance and value of Poverty

Molly Charles

Andrew Mohan

Social arrangements shape the process of power struggle and accumulation of wealth by a few groups within the society. While poverty is often considered to be problem that contributes to slowing down the development process, this paper attempts to look at the manner in which poverty contributes to change in society without being acknowledged, compensated for and itís presence being tolerated within varied social distances depending on functionality of such arrangements.